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Full Busted (C-G)

Full Busted (C-G)
  1. Sabrina Contour Bra

    Sabrina Contour Bra


  2. Parisienne Demi Memory Foam Contour Bra

    Felina brings Parisian style straight to your lingerie drawer with the Parisienne Demi Memory Foam Contour Bra. Tuxedo style borders along the top edge of the cups make a bold and sophisticated statement.


  3. Body Luxe Contour w/Cushion Wire Bra

    Feeling comfortable and sexy are two important qualities when wearing the right bra, and the Felina Body Luxe Contour with cushion wire is the right bra with these qualities. With Body Luxe Contour with cushion wire design, there are no more worries about pesky wires or unnecessary weight disturbing your natural flow of grace and confidence. An amazing day begins with putting on an amazing bra.



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